Serving Ventura's Children and Our Community Since 1925...

  • President:
    Andy Mack

    Andy has lived in Ventura most of his life. He grew up in Ojai then moved to Colorado for a few years. He did a stint in the Army overseas and ended up back in Ventura County. He is currently working at The Arc of Ventura County as the Director of Technology who services people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Andy has been with the Ventura club for a few years now and enjoys all of it. He is on several committees and has recently helped organize the Circle K club at Ventura Community College. Andy teaches tennis once a week and officiates Ice Hockey in his spare time. He is happy to be serving on the board!

  • Immediate Past President:
    Judy Mullins

    Judy has lived in Ventura her entire life, attending all the public schools, including Ventura High School and then Ventura College. Her work career began as a file clerk at Ventura County Medical Center, where she continued to advance her career and education until she retired in 2010 as Manager of Operations and Special Projects. After retiring, her goal was to volunteer with children and to mentor them to meet their educational goals and leadership potential. As President, her mission will be to grow the Ventura Kiwanis Club to better implement the club's goals and vision of serving the children of our community.

  • President Elect:
    Brad Dykes

    Brad is arguably one of the world's most interesting men. From fixing helicopter engines and cars as a young lad to to overseeing the management of a couple pennies at Morgan Stanley, don't let his clean-cut demeanor fool you; he's a true Renaissance man. Brad lives with his wife Heather somewhere between Ventura and LA (sorry, Brad, anywhere between here and there is a blur to me). An all around champion, Brad runs Law Day like the mover and shaker he is. But let's not forget his sensitive side. Brad, or Bradley, as some might say, evokes compassion with a simple "hello." Mr. Vice President, welcome aboard. 

  • Vice President:
    Kathy Kinnear

    Kathy is arguably one of the world’s most interesting women. From representing some of the most desirable and most sought after real estate properties in Ventura County, to sporting an oh so black on black sports car, this accomplished woman is on fire day and night. She’s also very hard to pin down, and we’re very lucky so has so graciously agreed to be our President in the very, very near future. Kathy, what would we do without you, I mean really? You’re beyond indispensable. Words cannot begin to describe how eager we are to rally behind you…to lead the Kiwanis charge under your reign. You go, girl. Yaaaaaasss!

  • Secretary:
    Fred Ziegler

    Fred has graced us with his presence for decades. This guy knows his stuff. Brad, I think you have some competition when it comes to Mr. Renaissance because Fred can, you guessed it…Fred can paint. One time, Fred and I had tea at his modest abode, and I knew he was a painter from the moment I entered…there were paintings everywhere! Paintings on paintings on paintings! I could have named any inanimate or animate object, and Fred could have showed me a painting of it. What a classy guy, right?! We knew he was detailed with a pen, so Fred was a natural fit for Secretary. I only wish he could paint the minutes...abstract!

  • Treasurer:
    Jerry Deal

    Jerry's one of those guys that rubs you the right way from the get-go. Like Matt, Jerry's also a straight shooter, and always brings a smile to every meeting. Not to mention his sense of humor! He's the type of joe that will win you over with his wry jokes and lovable personality. A real bloke to say the least! Proudly serving as treasurer, he runs a tight ship so make sure you shake his hand before every meeting, otherwise you'll be sure to lose a couple bucks to the Judge. But let's be real, who wouldn't want to give a couple bucks to this force of awesomeness and sophistication. He puts treasure in the word treasurer.

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